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How to play slot machines

The slot or slot sections of our favorite online casinos in Peru are true catalogs of fantasy and creativity. The developers of this type of games put all their efforts into finding the most appropriate setting, history and characters to make the game attractive among so many varieties to choose from.

From this section we want to give you a brief overview of how it works, and about the most common rules and elements. With the advantage that, in addition, you will also be able to play our slots for free, without downloading anything and without making any registration.

Slots are very popular due to the simplicity of their operation, which does not mean that they are precisely boring, since they are very dynamic games where things happen quickly and where, with any luck, you can access phases completely different gameplay with which to win jackpots.

In general, slot games aim to achieve winning symbol combinations that can be read on the pay lines.

The pay lines are imaginary lines that unite different positions in the successive rollers (and they are not always horizontal). The winning combinations must be planned in advance and collected in a table (which is usually called “paytable” or pay table) with the corresponding prize.

The ease or difficulty of winning in a slot game will generally depend on the number of paylines it includes, since facilitating the prize to appear in very different places is probably difficult to get right by betting on a low number of them.

On the other hand, betting on a high number or on all the lines will allow you to have a better chance of winning, although logically it will cost you more money. The prize, in turn, will depend on the amount that we have established for the bet , since it usually appears in the prize table in the form of a multiplier.

And the bet usually has several components: in most slot machines you choose a currency value and the number of them and you bet that amount for one line. If you choose more lines, you multiply the volume of your bet. The most common elements in a slot are the following:


We call them reels since originally, the physical slot machines consisted of several reels on one or more axes with symbols or images printed on their outer side. Spinning caused the symbols to change position, stopping and forming a combination of symbols.

Payment lines

They are “lines” that are usually highlighted above the rollers and on which the combination formed by the successive symbols is read. Generally they are read only from left to right, but there are as many rules as there are slot machines and therefore in each case you will have to follow the specific rules. The number of lines is variable, and sometimes you cannot decide how many you play with, since you will always do it all at once (these are the so-called “fixed pay lines”)

The commands

These are all the buttons with which you will be able to carry out the actions necessary for the development of the game. You have commands that allow you to choose the currency, set the amount of the bet per line, choose the number of active lines in your case and start the game (the spin of the reels). There are also special buttons that can chain turns or make them happen faster.

Within the games there are symbols that facilitate the obtaining of extra prizes and free spins and also special phases that are accessed through specific combinations. In these phases the game varies its rules and its appearance and allows the user to enjoy an internal “mini-game”. Choose from our repertoire of free slots without having to download anything or register anywhere, and learn all their secrets before visiting any of our recommended casinos to play for money.

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