Roulette games

One of the most classic and representative games of a casino is roulette. Its shiny and luxurious appearance, its classic style or the woods with which it is made make it an instant focus.

The same thing happens in online casinos : since most fans cannot go to a casino as much as they want, they have the opportunity to play roulette at any time and from anywhere simply from a computer or smartphone. We also give you the opportunity to play as much as you want totally free, without downloading and without registering in any casino.

We have at your disposal a collection of demo versions in which you can play from our own website, learn the terms of the game, how the commands work, the different types of roulette there are, etc.

You will also be able to know the different types of roulette that have been appearing throughout its history (in addition to other variants of the online mode that are simple and fun).

In general, the objective pursued when playing roulette is to get the ball to stop at the number we have bet on . To do this -in a physical roulette- the ball is launched to roll through a slot in the roulette and, when slowing down, falls into the area where the cells with the numbers are. All this, in more or less detail, is reproduced in an online roulette game.

At the time of betting, the game interface will make things much easier since you will have before you the table mat with the typical illustrations in which the numbers are framed. You can bet on a single number, several chosen by you or a group predetermined by the rules of the game and accessible from the mat itself.

To start, you must decide what your bet will be. To do this you just have to choose a value and number of coins and place them on the mat over that number or group of numbers you want to bet on . Remember that in any case with our demo versions you will be playing without registering, downloading anything or spending money since they are free.

The next thing will be to hit the spin key (you can find it in English in one of the games, it will be Spin then) and wait for it to stop in the right place.

The different types of roulette have few differences between them. In general, American roulette differs from European or Canadian roulette because it has one more space with double zero (the rest, from 0 to 36, are the same). Both have groups of numbers that receive traditional names and that differentiate them from each other. It is common to be able to bet on all of them on columns of numbers, rows, contiguous numbers on the mat, odd or even, red and black, etc.

We recommend you try all our free varieties before going to gamble in an online casino, that way you will have much more confidence in your knowledge. You can also read our guides with the general rules of each game to learn more about the characteristics of the different variants.

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