Play Roulette Premium Pro for free, without having to spend your money. Also you will not have to download or register anywhere.

Objective of the game

As in any other roulette , the objective is to predict where the ball that rotates on the outside of the wheel or roulette will stop, betting on one of the numbers in which it is divided.

How to Play Premium Roulette Pro

The first thing will be to establish your bet, for this click on the desired chip and take it with the mouse to any place on the table where the bet you want to make is located. You will be informed about the type of bet chosen, the amount wagered and the number or numbers that you have predicted as winners will also light up.

Every time you click when you have selected the chip you will be adding one more currency to your bet. All the betting options you have at your fingertips can be found in the game rules section of the info button, which is at the top right.

To increase your bet with chips of another value, simply select them and take them to the desired area. If you hold down the shift key while clicking on your bet, you can eliminate one by one coins, to decrease the amount. If it is also a currency of greater value than the bet, you will be withdrawing it completely.

You can put multiple chips in different areas of the betting table at the same time, you don’t necessarily have to limit yourself to just one bet.

A time marker will show you how much time you have left to place your bets. With Confirm Bets , you consider them established and they cannot be moved from the table, although you can add others while the time is in your favor.

You can spin the wheel with the Spin command , and before that you still have a chance to regret your chosen bets and remove them with Clear Bets . On the contrary, you can hit Double to multiply by 2 the bets placed on the table. After a spin, hit Rebet if you want to repeat exactly the same bets you put in the round that just ended. With Rebet & Spin you will also spin the roulette.

You can change the color of the roulette background with the corresponding button, in addition to changing the direction of the roulette. You can also save your favorite bets and place them with just one click.

Automatic mode is another option in this game with which you repeat a bet in successive rounds, as many as you establish.

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