Play Poker Joker for free, without download and without registration thanks to this demo version of the card game.

Objective of the game

The objective of the game is to get a five card hand with a winning combination following the rules of poker .

How to Play Poker Joker

The better your hand, the more money you will win. You can check the prizes corresponding to each combination in the Paytable or prize table. You choose how many cards you want to be replaced, and which ones specifically. Although you can only replace your cards once.

After each round, the used cards are returned to the deck before they are shuffled. In this game there is a Joker , that is, a wild card that substitutes for any card with which you could make a better combination.

To start playing, choose a currency value to play and place your bets, by clicking on the + and – symbols at the bottom left of the game screen.

With Bet One or with Bet Max deposit coins either one at a time, or in the maximum possible amount, which is five coins. Bet Max also deals the cards automatically. You can if not click on the corresponding column of the prize table to specify the amount of your bet. Then you hit Deal and the cards are dealt.

With the cards that you have touched, reflect on those that you would like to keep and save them by clicking on them. Others you don’t want to keep, so don’t click on them. Then hit Deal and they’ll deal again replacing the ones you didn’t want.

If you don’t have a winning combination, the round is over and you can start again. If you win, hit Collect to accept your win. But you can also hit Double and bet twice, the dealer or dealer will deal one card up and four cards down for you. If the cards are the same and there is a tie, you can either collect your original prize or double down again. If your hand is higher you win, you collect double the original bet. Here you also have the option to fold.

The lowest possible combination is the pair of kings, any lower pair of cards is not a winning hand.

You can also choose to double half, which means that you collect half of your winnings, and the other you bet again by doubling it. If your profit is not divisible by two, the smaller part is the one used to double, the other is deposited in your account. When you double you will be playing a new round, and the screen will show you the amount of your bet.

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