Play European roulette online in demo or free mode and without having to download the game or register anywhere. Once you have practiced enough in virtual roulette you can try playing for real money at any of the casinos below.

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Objective of the game

In the game of roulette , the goal is to predict where the ball will end when the spin of the roulette stops. This is numbered with 37 boxes (from 0 to 36), and on the table mat you will find all the numbers you can bet on, both individually and in groups in combinations. Betting on our prediction will try to win more money.

How to play European roulette online

Playing European roulette online is much easier than it sounds. On the one hand we have the roulette itself with its numbers, and on the other the mat with the same numbers plus additional information.

The first thing is to bet, and for this you have a table with all kinds of possibilities. In the foreground you have a grid with the numbers in three columns and 12 rows. Next to this grid is an additional betting area (the Neighbors table or Neighbors table).

The second is to choose the value of your chips, for this you can choose between those that you have before you in the foreground on the game screen. The values ​​are between 0.1 credits and 50 credits (being a game in demo version that does not require real currency does not specify any currency).

Move the mouse over the desired value and click the number of times you want (you can bet more than one, obviously). Then move the mouse to the number or combination of numbers you want to bet on, they will light up and the coin (or coins) will appear placed on them.

You can modify your bet choosing new coins and placing them wherever you want, or clicking on the Double button , which multiplies it by two, or regret it and the bet you have placed giving Undo (literally, undo). With this the last bet placed will disappear from the table. You can also erase them all by hitting Clear Bets , they will all disappear and you can start from scratch.

The game has a maximum and minimum bet that are right next to the table, if you click on it, a pop-up opens, explaining it to you in detail. Each position on the table has a minimum and a maximum bet, if you go over or not, the system will warn you.

Once you have your bet placed, you just have to spin the virtual roulette (the command you need is Spin ). While you play you will see a small screen with your bet and your winnings ( Bet and Win ).

Once the ball stops, you will be able to hit the double and spin, reset and turn and reset commands ( Double & Spin , Rebet & Spin and Rebet ).

As for the table attached to the main betting, there you will find the possibility of betting on groups of pre-established numbers and which are classic bets of this game.

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