Play American roulette online for free without registering or downloading. Live the experience as if you had the casino at home.

Objective of the game

In roulette games , the basic objective is to predict and bet on a result that is decided at random. Specifically spinning a ball on a numbered roulette wheel. In the case of American roulette there are 38 numbers, from 0 to 36 and including a double zero “00”.

How to play American roulette

As we have said, it is about predicting the result of the turn. In American roulette the numbers are red and black except for zero and double zero which are green.

The first thing you must do is formalize your bet, for this click on the chips that you will find on the game screen. Then you have to place them in the place on the board that represents the bet you have in mind. Every time you click on the betting area you are adding a currency of the value you have chosen.

You will have established maximum and minimum limits to bet. To increase the amount of your bet, choose another currency and click again. If you type the Shift key (from your keyboard) at the same time with the click, you will eliminate one by one the chips to decrease the bet. It is possible to put multiple currencies in different areas, you are not forced to choose only one type of bet.


  • With the Spin command you put the wheel in motion, it begins to spin.
  • If you hit Clear Bets , you clear the bets placed on the table and you can start over.
  • After each spin, you can hit Rebet and thus repeat the bet options you had chosen in the previous round.

Winning bets stay on the table, but you can remove them like any other (or if you prefer, you leave them for the next round of spinning the roulette).

You will be able to check and choose the different bets you can make by moving the mouse cursor over the table. You will see that you can dial a single number or several of your choice, you can hit the black circle to bet on all blacks or the red one, you can hit any of the three columns into which the board is divided.

Other possible bets are the ones you make for rows of numbers, for halves, odd numbers, even numbers … a lot of possibilities open up before you, remember that not all of them represent the same difficulty since they cover more or less possible numbers.

You will also find very useful commands such as the wrench, which will display a menu where you can find instructions, tips, stories, bets … and the usual speaker icon, with which you can adjust the sound volume you want.

It is a game that, although it has its own language, especially when it comes to types of bets, is easy to play. Just watch in the box that appears at the top of the screen the total amount you have bet ( bet ), give Spin to spin the roulette and that luck is on your side to collect your winnings ( win ).

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