Top 10 Macau casinos

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We traveled to the Asian continent to tell you, in a list that has been very difficult to make, which are the best casinos in Macao. As we have already done with the mythical city of Las Vegas , we have tried to include the most luxurious, prestigious and striking casino, hotel and much more complexes .

Popular imagery places the city of Las Vegas as the capital of gambling and excess, but it is true that Macao will most likely not lag behind. With some thirty casinos operating and seeking to attract tourism with its spectacular nature, this city, a former Portuguese colony, is about to achieve its goal.

Although you cannot gamble in China, Macao has an independent city status that allows it to legislate for itself its relationship to the game.

The importance of this city is not something new, since for centuries it was a crucial point on the commercial connection route between Europe and Asia . This has undoubtedly led to it having a special character within its own country, China. Initially it was the prerogative of a single businessman to open casinos, although competition soon came into play.

Macao’s attractions are not only limited to its spectacular entertainment centers: casinos. They also have historical heritage attractive enough to be a tourist destination in itself.

But for Chinese tourists the possibility of being able to play – since it is prohibited in the rest of the country – is undoubtedly what makes the city more attractive.

Another curious fact about the city of Macao is this: despite having a low birth rate, it is the most densely populated city in the world . And it is that the possibilities of finding work there attract a lot of immigration.

As for cultural influences, it will be enough to try its exquisite cuisine, a mix of Portuguese and Chinese, to realize that the mixture of traditions enriches any dish.

We then go on to list which we have found the ten most outstanding casinos in this city , and we hope that at some point you can travel to this splendid city to be useful to you.

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